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Wakesurfing 101: A beginners Guide

Want to get a little knowledge on getting the board under your feet BEFORE you come out with us? We love our lake, and we love to surf. So we want to bring you come information to get you started. Let’s be honest, we like to look at pictures more than read how to do things. Does this infographic help you understand the concept of how to wakesurf?

Wakesurfing 101 Infographic

For now, we want to invite you to check out one of the best in the business have some fun on a hidden private lake in California. His name is Austin Keen and he does some epic wakesurfing tricks and stunts. Check it out!!!

In Conclusion

We hope this page helps you understand how to wake surf as a beginner BEFORE you get out on the water. Images are always better than words so we kept this page short and sweet for you! Its always nice to see one of the top dogs in the industry hijack a wake as well! We hope it might inspire you to give us a call and come rip some waves with us!

If you enjoyed this page or want to add any questions, concerns or some helpful tips of your own for beginners…leave us a comment below or contact us. If you would like to learn more about who Cheshire Cat Surf Company please visit our about page for more information.

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